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Christ is Relief, Inc is an award-winning, innovative nonprofit organization that shrinks the time between disaster and recovery. A leader in volunteer-driven, post-disaster rebuilding; CR educates, advocates and improves the disaster recovery sector so that we can collectively achieve more for communities. With a strong team of 20+ staff and over 75 registered volunteers, CR has assisted in homes across 8 states and shared best practices with many more.

CR’s vision is to embrace constant improvement, community-wide collaboration, and clear benchmarks to reduce human suffering caused by the tolls of delay in recovery. By pairing resilience training with recovery operations, we strive to reduce the need for our rebuilding services over time by increasing preparedness among vulnerable communities.

Christ is Relief, Inc encourages individuals that are hungry for change and eager to innovate to join our team so that we can change the future of disaster recovery together.

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To provide safe, timely and effective disaster response services through preparedness, prevention, planning, response, and recovery to ensure a  disaster resilient nation.


We are committed to respond to and recover those whom we serve from all natural and man-made disasters, serve as the focal point for coordination and liaison of activities in the response to and recovery from major disasters.

Here to Serve Project

Christ Is Relief, Inc., brings mobile meals and more to those less fortunate, living on the streets of within the southeastern region with a project called “Here to Serve”.
It is the desire of Christ Is Relief, Inc., to not only serve the less fortunate with a hot meal and a hearty smile but to bring attention to this ongoing and growing problem and provide volunteers with the opportunity to become directly involved in the cause. Christ Is Relief, Inc.’s first step in providing sustainability is to offer community service events to companies or groups interested in participating in this effort.

Here to Serve’s mission is to go “Beyond One Meal”, in order to help connect those on the street to a set of services that can critically support them along the path to improving their lives in meaningful and enduring ways. To achieve this goal, Christ Is Relief, Inc. has established a Project called a Here to Serve; named for building bridges between those in the community and third party providers of a variety of services.

Here to Serve volunteers receive training and access to resources that can help connect those in need to such things as transitional housing, legal services, physical and mental health care, addiction recovery, education, job training, job placement, childcare and more. Christ is Relief Inc, doesn’t provide these services directly, but instead partners with, and identifies, other organizations that can help in these areas of need.

Service Project

When we're not responding to disasters, we're training. Constantly running service projects across the country so we can assist local communities while keeping our skills sharp. Service Projects often involve minor home-building. Muck outs, tree-work, or debris clearing.

Skills Required: None.
Training Required: None.
Travel: Local.
Time Commitment: Half or Whole Day.

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Time to put boots on the ground. Christ is Relief deploys on three types of operations - response, recover, and mitigation - but all have a similar goal: assist a community impacted by disaster. While deployed on an operation, there are a number of roles you can fill, though some require additional online or in-person training.

Skills Required: Willingness to get dirty and assist in disaster recovery.
Training Required: CR 101 Travel Dependent
Time Commitment: Dependent - Operations withing a safe driving distance for your residence don't require a time commitment. For operations that require air travel or more that 450 miles of driving, volunteers should be able to deploy for one week.